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So throughout the years in adulthood, there are many things that i we wish we would know before or we would get people who are older than us to guide us in our paths…for instance its the most exciting feeling for a teenage living in Africa continent and in a country like Kenya when one finishes their four form exams that is like a new chapter to a new life…. that’s when you say bye-bye to being a teenager and welcome the adulthood of receiving an identification card and being excited to join university or college for further studies, but they didn’t warn us of the challenges ahead … one had the courage to tell you this is wrong or this right or avoid that and do this…..they do what they do best which is to seat back and watch you. you are lucky if you have an elder sister or brother they have been there before you hence you will at least learn a few stuff like boys are like this, there is a lot of peer pressure in campus or be careful in what you do …and the greatest of them all is choose the correct company of friends. you will make mistakes if you have no one to guide you,since you are first-born child of your family…but no all first-born kids tend to make mistakes its only the curious ones who are not sure of what they want in life and they can be easily dragged into any decision without consideration…..for more of these juicy life lessons keep checking the page ……


Africa Nouveau 2018 FEB 02, 2018



A 2 day/2night music and arts festival congregating creators, curators, and fans.   from all over Africa and its diaspora. It is purposefully designed by creators of nu African culture for the creators and curators of the culture and their fans. It is deliberately focused on alternative and…

from all over Africa and its diaspora. It is purposefully designed by creators of nu African culture for the creators and curators of the culture and their fans. It is deliberately focused on alternative and progressive sights and sounds from Africa with a view to expand the understanding of Africa/n,



This was competition among twenty four universities of which Riara was give the privilege to host the event. The event was taking place on the 22nd and the 23rd February 2018.

Already over 300 students from about 24 universities have confirmed attending and will be participating in the various competitions as highlighted in the attached brochure and flier.


This event has been organised by Riara University’s Directorate of University Advancement under the leadership of Sumita Mukherjee and the Leading Edge Clan, a club of highly motivated and innovative RU students.


Through the efforts of everyone, we are pleased to note that over 10 sponsors have partnered with us and donated many gifts and awards for the participants. The lead sponsors are Gillette, MacCoffee, Unliever, Bidco -Africa. We look forward to continued partnerships with them.


We also have notable guests attended the event, key among them are four Ambassadors as well as top Business Leaders like Vimal Shah who graced the occasion and spoke.


A panel of highly accomplished Judges from universities, companies and organisations from across Kenya and beyond were on hand to assess the best innovations and award the winners. Who were announced on Friday lunchtime and they received different gifts depending on the position they were.


After the awards ceremony which was on Friday, there was a Deejaying session at the RU Gardens, which was sponsored by MacCoffee. This session was full of fun on which everyone who attended were encouraged by being given free gifts, of which they included shirts, mugs, boxes full of MacCoffee, hand bags among other exciting gifts.

During the event period classes were disrupted since some room were being used to conduct debates among other activities that took place in the inter-university competition. The event was a success since each department that participated in the competition did their best to show case the innovations. Jomo Kenyatta did lead in computer since, Strathmore university did lead in law, multimedia university lead in journalism course among other things.



Daystar Nairobi student leaders last week pulled out of a joint Valentine’s dinner with Riara University in circumstances that still remain unclear.

According to a poster seen by Daystar Oracle, students from both varsities were meant to mark Valentine’s  day with a joint dinner at Riara University on February 14. Valentine’s Dinner” but did not mention Daystar The student governments of both Universities remained tight-lipped and have refused to fully disclose the reasons for the breakdown in the partnership.

Daystar Oracle has been led to believe by a party close to the planning of the dinner that the two student governments eventually found it untenable to work with each other on the Valentine’s  day gala. Riara University Students Association (RUSA) Secretary General Dominique Kongo said that the termination of the partnership was “nothing personal” but it was due to “logistical issues.”

“We didn’t agree on some things. There was some form of disagreements on one or two things, that’s what led to the fall out in the partnership,” said Dominique.

DUSA Nairobi Chair Aloys Otieno also cited logistical issues as the reason behind the failed partnership.

“We felt that the dinner would be well attended, but not well organised because of some decisions and some logistical issues,” said Aloys


RUSA Communicates Valentine’s Dinner To Students

An email from RUSA to Riara University students on February 7, alerted them to the “first ever Valentine’s dinner” to be hosted at the varsity, together with Daystar University.

“Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction and that’s why on the 14th day of this month we host #Valentines Dinner and we share a plate with Daystar University,” the email read in part.


The email further read, “This will be a way of showing love to each other as a student community between the two schools.”

A subsequent email to the students from the RUSA Deputy Chair Lisa Njoroge on February 9 further reminded them of the “grand University in the body of the text.

Daystar University students on the other hand received no communication from DUSA about the dinner, with sources from within the student government saying communication was aborted as soon as the partnership broke down.

Future partnership?

The posters for the event still carry the DUSA logo on them despite the failed partnership, something the RUSA SecGen said was impossible to do away with as the posters had already been printed before the disagreement.

“It [partnership] was cancelled after the posters were put up and everything was going on. It was cancelled a bit late, by the Daystar team. They backed out on us,” Dominique said.

The RUSA student leader further said that although the charges for the event stirred debates with DUSA, it was not the cause for the cancellation of the event.

Couples were to pay Ksh. 1,500, and singles Ksh. 1,000, to attend the red-themed affair, according to the poster.

Although the two student governments did not come to an agreement, Dominique says that in future, RUSA is open to partner with Daystar University.

“We appreciate the effort, and the time they gave us. Every bad cloud has a silver lining, so hopefully we can partner with Daystar again,” said Dominique.

Riara University will still go on with their Valentines Dinner today at the Riara University Garden from 7-10pm.




Starts: Fri 23rd Feb, 10:00am

Ends: Sun 25th Feb, 8:00pm

Location: Kasarani  Training Centre

VIP: Ksh 10,000

regular: Ksh 2,000

students: Ksh 5,00



For the last five years we’ve brought you the very best of local and international jazz music, delivering electric performances and getting you moving to everything from the legendary Hugh Masekela’s signature sounds to the funky beat of the Nairobi Horns Project.

This year you can expect nothing less. Come join us on Sunday 25th February 2018 at the Kasarani Training Grounds in Nairobi, as we celebrate the 5th edition of the Safaricom International Jazz Festival with yet another line-up of brilliant performers from USA, Israel, Belgium, Germany, South Africa and Kenya.

Headlining the show will be the highly acclaimed American jazz trio BWB, made up of Grammy Award winners Norman Brown (guitar) and Kirk Whalum (saxophone), and trumpeter Rick Braun. If you love Michael Jackson you’ll be sure to enjoy hits from their 2013 Human Nature tribute album, with tracks such as Billie Jean, Beat It, The Way You Make Me Feel and of course, Human Nature.




Meaning of holocaust

Destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war.

“a nuclear holocaust’’.

  1. Introduction

The Holocaust remembrance event was held at Riara University, Nairobi, Kenya on 24th January 2018 from 1000hrs to 1215hrs. It was carried out in partnership with the Embassy of Israel, Nairobi and the United Nations Information Centre.

1.1 Attendance to the event

The event was attended by; His Excellency, Amb. Noah Gal Gendler, Embassy of Israel, the Vice Chancellor, Riara University, Prof. Robert Gateru, Dr. Francis Onditi, Program Leader, School of International Relations and Diplomacy, other Faculties’ members and students from Riara and Kenyatta University.

1.2 Arrival

The participants arrived at the venue at 0930hrs and began registering.

  1. Welcome Remarks

2.1 Program Leader’s Opening Remarks

Dr. Onditi expressed his gratitude to the participants for joining Israel in marking the day of commemoration in memory of holocaust victims. He thanked the Embassy for honoring the university’s wish to host the event. He reiterated the importance of the day in ensuring that the world doesn’t forget the value of co-existence, tolerance and moderation in the society. He pointed out that holocaust is built on behavioural extremism and political intolerance and the world should ensure such an unfortunate event does not happen elsewhere in the world. Having given his opening remarks, Dr. Onditi proceeded to outline the session’s programme and concluded by inviting the Vice Chancellor to make his remarks.


2.2 Vice Chancellor’s Welcome Remarks

Prof. Gateru, the Vice Chancellor, Riara University shared his delight to be part of the event. He officially welcomed the participants and restated that the University was truly honoured to host the holocaust memorial. For this, he expressed his gratitude to His Excellency. He indicated that this was in fact an opportunity to learn more about the holocaust as he acknowledged he is still learning. He revealed that the closest he has been to such a situation is when he visited the Rwanda genocide memorial and the 2007/8 post-election violence in Kenya albeit being small scale. He observed that humans are capable of doing great things, both positive and negative and challenged the participants to find out what role they can play as individuals in ensuring the world is cohesive and every human being lives with dignity. He closed by inviting His Excellency to give his remarks.

  1. Guest Speaker, Amb. Noah Gal Gendler’s Speech

His Excellency noted that it is a sad day for him to talk about holocaust but events like this will help to keep the victim’s memories alive. He described the holocaust as a systematic bureaucratic state sponsored persecution and murder of approximately 6 million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. Also targeted were Sikhs, Gypsies, some Slavic community the disabled, communists, Poles, Russians, socialists, Jehovah witnesses, Muslims and homosexuals. They were persecuted on political, ideological and behavioural grounds.

He told the participants that commemorating the holocaust is a call to promote peace and mutual understanding. He stated that the holocaust was a defining moment in human history. He explained that the genocide of Jewish people served no demographic purpose as many other genocides and atrocities often have economic, political or military motivations. The Jewish one had none of these incentives. He further pointed out that the Nazi theorists denied the basic principles of humanity, equality, and respect for justice, gender and religion.

To this end, he observed that examining this history can heighten the awareness of the danger of genocide in the contemporary world and bring forth importance of appreciation of individual rights and universal values. He stated that prevention of new crimes such as the holocaust requires continuous forms of awareness, involves the short and the long term at the local, national and global levels. Lastly, he emphasized that education about holocaust and importantly education about genocide/mass atrocities provides opportunities for critical thinking skills to augment resilient and effective responses to extreme and exclusionary ideologies and to illuminate to all how individuals see themselves in the context of their countries’ past, present and future.

He concluded by expressing his sincere gratitude to the Vice Chancellor for hosting the event.

“Stand and be counted as channels that pass the message of peace and living together in harmony”

  1. Gendler’s Recap of the Documentary-The Last Boy of Korczak

His Excellency started by giving definitions of some local terms in the documentary. Firstly, he defined Kibus as a community settlement in Israel where everything is done communally. It resembles communism idea of living together. Secondly, he defined Ghetto as where Jews were secluded during the war. He clarified that it is an Italian term and elaborated that the first ghetto was established in Italy and the Germans took this concept and put all the Jews together.

With regards to the documentary, he pointed out that madness has no borders. He explained that when Germans decided to get rid of the Jews, they decided overnight that Jews cannot be doctors in Germany. Consequently, 60-70 % of doctors were lost in Berlin. He added that talented people such as Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud and Walter Benjamin were lost.

His second observation was that culture is not an insurance policy. He pointed out that Germans are the most cultured people of Europe, have well educated people, dominate the car industry yet at the end of the day they were murderers. However, he clarified that some Germans especially the soldiers understood the notion of the quality of people they were destroying but they did nothing because they were brainwashed and terrorized.

He recounted Itzchak Belfer, the hero of the documentary as a doctor, educator, an assimilating Jew, who didn’t have a family, had strange philosophies for those days including empowerment and rights of children.

He maintained that education for Jews is important and stressed that they cannot compare education to anything. He attributed this to their exile which forced them to educate themselves. He revealed this as the secret to their success.

His last observation was that nations that are weak and dependable on masses cannot survive. He explained that from their history, Jews were dispersed with no state, no army, weakened and that is why the Nazis were able to kill them.


  1. Q & A Session

Eliud Karani- Kenyatta University student

  1. i) Kenya is very polarized each election cycle. What role has Israel taken in ensuring no holocaust happens elsewhere in the world specifically Kenya?

Amb. Gendler’s Reply

His Excellency reiterated that diversity is a big power, not deficiency. He pointed out that countries with immigrants are very successful.  However, he expressed his doubts as to how Israel could help Kenya in eradicating tribalism. He acknowledged that Israel also faces some internal divisions in places like Bahar and Gaza. Still, he maintained that despite divisions existing, people have to understand that when you don’t live together, you die together.  He expressed his concerns that Kenyans kill each other.

  1. ii) What opportunities does Embassy of Israel offer to Kenyan students?

Amb. Gendler’s Reply

His Excellency said they were creating excellence centres and IT centres to prepare young generations for the future to come. He mentioned that they had partnered with Uasin Gishu County on establishing an incubation centre and they were providing money, systems and transferring their philosophy.  He hoped that it would be extended to the other 46 counties and restated the value Israel puts on investing in education.

Dr. Mueni Joy, Program Leader, Faculty of Mass Media and Journalism

  1. i) Why is Tel Aviv the best city for LGBTQI community?

Amb. Gendler’s Reply

His Excellency explained that the gay community identified the city as being free.

Christopher Beaux, Riara University, 4th Year student

Since the holocaust, genocide has taken place in other areas such as Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Rwanda and now Myanmar. What policies have Israel taken in ensuring this does not happen again?

Amb. Gendler’s Reply

His Excellency stated that Israel is a sovereign county hence cannot send troops to other countries. He added that even in cases such as Syria, they cannot intervene as Israel is not part of Peace forces, not recognized by some states and does not have diplomatic relations with 45 states. However, he indicated that Israel helps train peace-keeping forces.

Ephraim Murenzi, Lecturer, Riara University

How does Israel deal with people denying holocaust happened?

Amb. Gendler’s Reply

His Excellency wondered why people claim they are not anti-Semitic but against the state of Israel, yet in reality they are. He called this the new anti-Semitism.


What is the ethos, philosophy that Israel instils in students to be able to be innovative?

Amb. Gendler’s Reply

His Excellency pointed out three things that help Israel be innovative. Firstly, students are encouraged to be curious and question everything.  Secondly, there is collaboration in which all sectors of the economy including the army, academies and industry work together. Lastly, he remarked that necessity brought forth creativity especially in the water sector where 70-75% of the drinking water is desalinated. He adds that they also export this water to countries such as Jordan in huge volumes.  He concluded by noting that Israel attributes strong leadership, creativity and innovation in decision making for its success.

  1. Vote of thanks- Beverline, Quality Assurance & Strategic Management Director

Ms. Beverline thanked the Ambassador and the Embassy for attendance. She recommended the set-up of a holocaust repository to carry forth the memories of the victims. She also expressed her gratitude to the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Onditi for successful planning the event, the faculty, security team, students, partners and the ICT team. She closed the session by appreciating the participants for making the event successful.





gold kericho


It’s one of the best tea brands in Kenya. They have various tea types that from the green, to the tea, chocolate flavours among other of which it’s an endless list. On Tuesday 13th of February 2018 the company visited Riara University to share the different brands of tea flavours. They arrived in school at 9am and the event was supposed to start at 10;00 am  to 4;00pm. The event was being held in the garden. The event had a suppose of creating awareness to the young people and introducing the different flavour of tea. There target audience was the youth of which they even had various brands even attitude tea, hang over tea and love tea and many more among others. They also provided plenty games that encouraged the youths to attend. This event was held a day before valentine day. They really helped many student who never new about the brand to familiarize with it. They also offered to educate the youth on how their tea was made its benefits to the human body. They had giver ways to encourage more participants to attend the event, of which it was very successful. The event was in deed a success. Kericho gold made the valentine of Riara students very interesting.